other stuff


I am taking a Science Communication Workshop at NYU.

As an undergraduate, I wrote two short articles for The Psychologist, the magazine of The British Psychological Society. In 2011, I completed NaNoWriMo.

layout design

I have latent experience in layout design and graphic design. I did layout design and content editing for my undergraduate departmental philosophy magazine (e.g.) and founded, designed, and editor-in-chief’d my undergraduate departmental psychology magazine.

I now occasionally do layout design for a radical mental health magazine.

graphic design

I have latent experience in graphic design, with a printed shirt on Qwertee and a shop on Redbubble.

video editing

I have latent experience in video editing. as an undergrad, I edited two videos for the Royal Society’s YouTube channel (here and here).

copy editing

I was a copy editor for the British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy.

I now occasionally copy edit for the Science for the People magazine.

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